Indie Rock from Bern, Switzerland

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Behave! are…

Shehnaz Sonderegger - Vocals, Guitar

Markus Fuchs - Guitar, Vocals

Michèle Jöhr - Bass

Adrian Kranz - Drums

Behave! create unconventional songs within the Indie Rock range. Empathic noise and spicy riffs are always a part of their soulful compositions. They'd rather stay calm on a short term than to turn into never ending romances. They often try to deconstruct classic song arrangements, without denying good vibes. Maybe you know this kind of albums, the more you listen to it, the more you discover. Live performance is a passion they love deeply.

All Songs written by Behave!

„Smash“-Video by Markus Fuchs

„Get away“-Video by Sandro Nydegger

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